SkillzVAult business summary

SkillzVault business summary – case study.

The SkillzVault project is a unique tournament for the PUBG Mobile game, which was organized in five countries: Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and Brazil.

Last minute announcement: ESE Takes the Win in the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards For the SkillzVault By Bitcoin Vault Campaign

The entire tournament lasted a total of 125 days, and the production, involving around 40 people, took 47 production days.

For the marketing purposes of the project, over 140 films and nearly 80 animations were created, and the project’s social media generated about 540 posts on platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok.

In terms of marketing, SkillzVault generated a global reach of 11,771,113, with the project website reaching 85,772 unique users.

Download PDF presentation of SkillzVault project.

Media support from the ten influencers involved in the project turned out to be necessary, and they were:


South Korea

  • Dduchi & BBuggu: 839.900 followers

Dduchi & BBuggu are two all-round players who play PUBG, FIFA Online 4, Starcraft, etc.

The largest number of viewers during the live broadcast was 10,000 people.

D&B knows how to attract viewers and interact with them by creating fun talk show content related to many types of games. Having a deep knowledge of the games he plays makes people watch his videos with commitment.

  • SadTV: 217.300 followers

SadTV is a Korean YouTuber who mainly focuses on creating PUBG Mobile related content. His channel is dominated by LIVE broadcasts, because he appreciates the possibility of interacting with his subscribers the most. 

SadTV is known for its out-of-the-box thinking and fast-paced gameplay.

Interesting facts about SkillzVault in Korea:

이승훈 (iseunghun), JORDANZi, 해피 and SPORTA qualified for the finals in South Korea, but in the end SPORTA was the one, who was triumphant.

During the finals, he outclassed his opponents, scoring 30% points more than 이승훈, who finished second.


  • Genji1 Gaming: 1.476.193 followers

Using his own playing technique that he called “Six Fingers Claw”, GENJ1 Gaming is a human machine for creating highlights from shooter games.

His amazing playing style, combined with top-tier gameplay, earned him over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and secured him a place at the forefront of Japanese influencers playing mobile games.

His films are regularly watched by millions of loyal fans from around the world.

  • IQ: 86.583 followers

IQ loves mobile games – especially PUBG Mobile. He’s one of the most famous japanese influencers on YouTube. In his childhood he was playing soccer and baseball, but when he buyed PSP console – everything has changed and the world of gaming stole his heart. He values educational aspect of his content and tries to help as many players as possible.

Interesting facts about SkillzVault in Japan:

The four finalists from the Japanese market were: haffazain, sabahaddin10, WINX, Vipro.

The last of them – Vipro – finished the game on the first place.

Genj1, who was one of the influencers involved in the project, created his own interesting game technique of using 6 fingers at the same time and called it “Six Fingers Claw”.


  • Quang Cuon: 3.480.000 followers

Quang’s real name is Bui Ba Quang. Few people had a chance to get to know him before he started streaming. Previously, he worked as a technician, but his love of games made him interested in working as an influencer.

It was problematic at first, but over time his dedication has paid off – now his channel is watched by almost 800,000 people and his fanpage has another half a million.

In his spare time, he’s also DJing and playing in short films and commercials.

  • Tien Zombie V4 2.733.000 followers

Tien Zombie V4 is one of the influencers who contributed the most to the Vietnamese gaming scene.

He started his career in 2015, and he achieved his success thanks to many years ofexperience as a player, skillful weaving of humorous accents into his broadcasts, commenting on the actions of other players and giving them valuable advice.

Tien’s life motto is “Follow your passion and success will come to you”. He also believes that if someone believes in their passions and goals, they will certainly be rewarded with time for their dedication.

Interesting facts about SkillzVault in Vietnam:

The finalists of the Vietnamese region were: _____ ЗЕФФФИР (Zephyr), Rico, Ghosty and IchiBu, with Ghosty as the winner.

One of the Vietnamese mentors – Quang – scored an incredibly high number of points in the game, overshadowing even influencers from other countries. Interestingly, Quang is a renowned Vietnamese DJ and treats PUBG Mobile as a hobby.


  • Cyan68: 664.000 followers

Cyan68 is a Chinese content creator for PUBG Mobile that is watched by 7 million people on Douyin. Her Kuaishou profile has an average of one million views per post.

In her films, Cyan places great emphasis on jokes and funny anecdotes in order to constantly cheer up her loyal fans.

  • Yu Cheng Hao

YuChengHao has nearly 4 million followers on Douyin who watch his PUBG-related videos on a daily basis.

Creativity is surely one of his strong points – whether he is stuck in the drop zone, lost in a fun way, or blew up a car mid-air – YuChengHao always gives his loyal fans a great deal of excitement.

Interesting facts about SkillzVault in China:

Players who made it to the final in China: 衍 凉 (Xing Liang), 小 林夕 忆 (Xiao Lin), 是 涛 白 (Tao Bai), and 我 帅 又 有钱 (Rich and Handsome).

Xiao Lin turned out to be the winner.

Xiao Lin (winner of the Chinese competition) made a very positive impression on both coaches and viewers with his very unconventional plays, which SkillzVault showed to the audience. Both Cyan and Yu Cheng Hao predicted a bright future for him in the world of PUBG Mobile.


  • BrunoClash: 1.330.000 followers

BrunoClash is a commentator who owns the largest YouTube channel among the Brazilian esports influencers. Nominated for 2018 Brazilian Youth Award and Best Commentator of 2019 and 2020 eSports Brazil Award, he is one of the main commentators and hosts of Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans in Portuguese.

  • Naotempause: 471.935 followers

Naotempause is brazilian influencer focused mainly on PUBG Mobile since its release. His channel is dominated by hand-picked highlights from various streams and tournaments. His journey with games began with Mario which still has a special place in his heart. 

Interesting facts about SkillzVault in Brazil:

The players qualified for the Brazilian finals were SKLuuck, Drago, Falcoo and HuntĘr, who stood on the top of the podium.

The Brazilian region winner scored even more points than Naotempause, who was his mentor.

Information about the client in the marketing context of the project 

Bitcoin Vault decided to enter esports through the SkillzVault organization not only from a strictly image but also educational point of view. The cryptocurrency market is increasingly related to computer and mobile games, and the age group using such entertainment is beginning to become interested in the crypto phenomenon.

SkillzVault, in addition to “introducing” the Bitcoin Vault brand to the gaming market, was also aimed at educating players and people interested in the tournament about cryptocurrencies and their use.

Another phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular is the so-called NFT, which are unique digital tokens (such as graphics) that can only be purchased by one person and gain value over time. Bitcoin Vault, following the spirit of the times, decided to implement such a solution for SkillzVault, which in turn was met with great commitment from the community.

Detailed project description

Preparing the recordings of SkillzVault trailer was an extremely demanding task, both from logistical and creative point of view. Almost 20 days of work starting with writing scenarios, creating storyboards and logistic planning, and ending with selecting the right people, made it possible to record the material in just one day. Its production was attended by 25 people divided into two teams, working on professional equipment, such as aster lamps, BlackMagic 6K Pro cameras as well as FPV and Inspire drones. 

To reflect the characteristic atmosphere of the game, several pyrotechnic effects and fog machines were used, and the trailer image was complemented by renting a quad bike on which the actor travelled during the shooting.

The implementation of the event lasted over 8 months, 6 of which were the spend on conducting the tournament for fans, the rest was preparatory work. During this time, nearly 30 people worked on creating the perfect scenery, camera projections, as well as substantive content based on PUBG Mobile and BTCV. For this purpose, several film formats have been implemented, such as:

  • Explanation of the project rules in 6 languages
  • Interviews with influencers
  • History of influencers (from their private point of view)
  • Advice from an expert on cryptocurrency knowledge
  • Quiz testing general knowledge of influencers
  • Trainings for qualified players with their influencer trainers
  • Grand finals in each country

and graphic materials and animations:

  • Individual and unique intros and outros of programs
  • Animations used in later film productions
  • NFT
  • Celebrity photos
  • Posters and graphics

The SkillzVault project involved 10 influencers from 5 countries, whose task was to train and play matches with players selected from the qualifying stages. The video materials created by us were great for each of them, and this is confirmed by the following numbers:


  • Dduchi&Bbugu – 538,625 views
  • SADTV – 310,552 views


  • Genj1 Gaming – 272,420 views
  • IQ – 30,090 views


  • Tien Zombie – 249,625 views
  • Quang Cuon – 148,403 views


  • Yu Chang Hao – 535,720 views
  • Cyan – 448,569 views


  • BrunoClash – 16,026 views
  • Neotempause – 35,921 views

Which gives the total number: 2,585,951 views of the videos themselves published on the influencer channels.

A dedicated website was created for the project, as well as the following social media channels and profiles on streaming platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Weibo, Twitter, YouTube and On the above-mentioned channels, prepared video materials, photos and news about the current communication of the project.

The website of the project was created in six languages ​​and in addition to communicating the most important news, it allowed users to sign up for the tournament.


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