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Eyal Avramovich

Eyal Avramovich has travelled the globe, perfecting the skills he needs to build successful businesses. Ever since he was a child, he has looked for solutions to some of humanity’s most basic problems: ease of use, portability, and affordability.  
That is why he became an inventor.  
Throughout the years, he has built the world’s thinnest phone charger, the world’s thinnest bathroom scales, and is developing the world’s thinnest luxury electric car.  
No wonder he fell in love with the idea of cryptocurrencies, which allow funds to be spent anywhere around the world with minimal fees.  
The concept of crypto mining sparked Eyal’s interests in technology, business and finance. As the head of MineBest, he was one of the first Western businessmen to broker deals with local governments in Kazakhstan to mine crypto there. The trend eventually took off, with Kazakhstan later becoming a major crypto hub in its own right.  
Following an incident where his cloud mining software sent some Bitcoin from an unauthorized wallet due to human factor, Eyal soon turned his attention to creating a coin where transactions could be reversed. Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is the world’s first cryptocurrency that allows users to cancel transactions after they are posted to the blockchain. This revolutionary approach is possible with a customized blockchain protocol which confirms payments within 144 blocks (or around 24 hours). This feature protects users from losing their funds in case of common key thefts, user mistakes or errors and bugs.  
Later, as DeFi options started becoming more popular, Eyal co-founded Electric Cash (ELCASH), a Proof of Work SHA-256-based cryptocurrency. It provides fast and very cheap transactions and rewards all staking users while allowing them to vote on the future of the project. 

In his free time, Eyal spends time with his family, watching Marvel comics,  and reads inspirational articles about cutting edge technologies and innovations.