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General techniques of cryptocurrency promotion in social media.

Social media marketing is an effective way to promote a cryprocurrency online. A well-thought-out communication strategy and the right choice of social media can bring great results. So how to plan an advertising campaign and what should you keep in mind when deciding on this method of promotion?

Social media activity in general, is an effective way to build your image and maintain direct relations with the community. With its help, you can also reach new people interested in the token. However, to reap the benefits of social media, it is not enough to simply create an account and add a post once a week. You need to take the time to develop a communication strategy and plan specific marketing activities, and then consistently stick to that plan. Only in this way do we have a chance to turn an ordinary account, such as on Facebook, into a powerful marketing tool, and our fans into loyal customers.

Currently, the most commonly used social media channels for promoting cryptocurrencies are: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Medium and in the development community Discord. For promotion among gaming enthusiasts, Twitch and Reddit are important. Among young people, TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity. In the past we also had many other that haven’t withstand competition or are not suitable for blockchain, like: Snapchat, MySpace, Pinterest, Slideshare and many others.

The first step in the promotion of cryptocurrency is to activate accounts on relevant social media. When choosing, one should not be guided by fashion and definitely should not create too many accounts at the same time. It must be a well-considered decision. From a marketing point of view, it is better to focus on diligently maintaining one or two accounts than to have ten. The methods of spreading our brand will also vary between portals. Usually parameters such as the number of observers or profile activity have an impact. In addition, a common practice in building reach is to involve bloggers or influencers in promotional campaigns or educational communication among their communities. What follows is that reach is a key topic, but not an obvious one.

Maintaining a Facebook account is now as standard as having a website. It’s the most popular platform and often the first route of contact on the user/service line. It allows you to add diverse content and create an engaged community. It will work well in virtually any industry. Instagram is a visual medium. It certainly doesn’t make sense to set up a page that will greet users with a post on Monday morning: Good morning Monday!!!, on Tuesday it will show a picture of a cute kitten, on Thursday it will inform about the weather, and on Friday it will wish a nice weekend. Facebook is flooded with boring, bland, bland corporate profiles. What kind of fanpage is good? The answer is trivial: one that gives users a certain value. This could be information about news, promotions, sales, discounts. LinkedIn is a professional business platform. By promoting yourself on LinkedIn, you build brand awareness and can attract valuable professionals and investors to your company.

YouTube allows you to add materials in the form of video. It will work great for, among other things, the need to educate users or create live events called AMAs (Ask Me Anything), which is certainly a very important part of cryptocurrency communication. A coherent, well-thought-out and consistently implemented social media communication strategy allows you to reap maximum benefits from this form of online business promotion. When arranging a communication strategy, it is important to know what we want to achieve. Other actions will have to be taken if our primary goal is to increase reach and awarness, and others if we are mainly focused on image and branding activities.

When adding posts on social media, use popular hashtags. This is an easy way to increase the reach of the post and reach a larger audience. Create communities and actively participate in them. By sharing your expertise and providing valuable information, you build an expert image and increase trust in your brand. Look for influencers in your community and use them to advertise on social media. For example, you can comment on their profile posts. Invest in paid social media ads. Add attractive graphics to your posts. A visual element catches the attention of Internet users – it doesn’t have to be a photo, an interesting infographic will work just as well.

Systematic posts are the key to success on social media, but the content you share must be valuable. If we know that we will not be able to regularly insert attractive photos of our products on Instagram, it may be better not to decide to maintain an account on this platform. No matter what platform we use to advertise a business, effective communication should always come first. That’s why it’s so important to use the language that our customers use. Only in this way will we be able to build lasting relationships with them.