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Learning From Loss: What Crypto Security & Obituaries Have in Common

While continuing to develop the Bitcoin Vault BTCV brand, we have been focusing on many aspects related to cyber security in the blockchain space. We are hoping that this will be the key differentiator of the coin and the brand and we are building an ecosystem that gives cryptocurrency owners confidence and knowledge about how to  operate easily in the often-unpredictable world of crypto and blockchain.  

Share your advice and get 10 BTCV!

Cyber security issues are by nature complex and have many layers, which is why we are addressing digital security issues one by one on our website, from A to Z. Our campaign aims to gather in one place as many examples of the most common causes of loss of funds because of simple, unforced errors made in the crypto and blockchain space. For even greater motivation, we are offering a prize of 10 BTCV coins for each interesting user case that we publish on  
Below are some examples of security advice, warnings, tips and hints that have already been shared by crypto users and collected on our landing page:  

  • All blockchains have different wallet addresses. You cannot send one coin to another coin’s address.  
  • Always check the wallet address you are sending to, especially when you are doing multiple transactions in a row and also when you are copying and pasting addresses.  
  • Whenever possible, use QR codes to retrieve recipient wallet addresses.  
  • When sending USDT, always check what chain of Tether you are using – is it ERC20, TRC20 or Omni or some other chain? Both sender and recipient wallet addresses have to be on the same chain.  
  • Always protect your private keys. There is a reason why a private key to a wallet should remain private.  
  • As a general rule, you should never download software via links provided by random people, i.e., on social media. This is a critical rule when you are looking for wallet software to manage your crypto. Always use legitimate sources for downloads.   
  • Beware of scammers – the most common offer “send me 1BTC to get 2BTC in return” is too good to be true. In crypto, if anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here is a list of the most common crypto scams:  
  • Elon Musk does not need to ask you for donations, Mark Cuban is not shilling you the best opportunity of a lifetime – beware of impersonators in crypto. There is a bunch of them.   
  • Be mindful about types of hacking attacks you may stumble upon. The most likely one to rip you from your crypto is a Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) type of attack. This is very common when you are using the TOR network to transact crypto on the darknet. For more about MITM attacks and how to protect yourself from them, click  
  • Whatever you do, use your common sense. Or Bitcoin Vault blockchain, where – if you make a mistake – you can reverse your transaction within the first 24 hours.  

In the first installment of our campaign, the BTCV team will express our deep regret and great sadness for this irreversible loss that crypto users have suffered. We will also subtly remind them that their loss could have been reversed if only they had invested in a coin that possesses technology that allows reversable transactions i.e., BTCV!  

The initial idea for approaching the topic came as a result of a competition in which participants fought for the title of the creator of the best campaign in the Young Creatives competition. The group that won proposed the idea of creating obituaries for people who lost their crypto funds.  
Young Creatives is a year-round program aimed at young creatives in the marketing and communications industry. The YC competition has been organized by the Advertising Creators Club for 20 years and enjoys an established position and wide recognition.  
It is a platform for exchanging experiences, presenting young talents from advertising and advertising-related industries in Poland and around the world. Every year, over 1,000 people take part in Young Creatives events.  
Young Creatives competitions give young creative people the opportunity to face real customer briefs and confront the opinions of industry experts. Projects are assessed by experienced creative directors, strategists, directors, marketers and designers. Fresh, bold and creative ideas for brands born in the course of competitions were repeatedly and successfully implemented by customers.  
The competitions also serve as Polish qualifiers for the international finals: Young Lions Competition in Cannes and Eurobest Young Creatives Competition.  
As a result of the 2021 edition, we developed a way of engaging the crypto community in a discussion about security on the internet, the best example of which is the world class secure crypto currency BTCV. We ask the community to educate themselves to stay safe in the internet. We encourage people to share their stories. From time to time, we reward some of them with a special huge one-off reward, a „sudden unexpectable dropship” as a result of user votes. We aim to have a valuable, trendy, active, tech savvy, hipster style, energetic, young, and somewhat ironic and sarcastic community. 

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