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SkillzVault Collaborates with Kinguin to Launch its NFTs

SkillzVault NFTs have just launched on – a leading global digital gaming marketplace! As a result, more and more SkillzVault NFT enthusiasts will gain access to this fantastic gaming experience.

A few words about SkillzVault NFTs

SkillzVault is an innovative project that gathers influencers from South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil and Japan, together with newbie gamers. It gives crypto beginners a golden opportunity to become professional players, learn from their idols, or even become famous themselves! SkillzVault offers three gaming stages that give participants the possibility to compete together with their idols. The big names include Cyan68, Genji1, Sad Tc and many more. There is a lot to fight for – the total prize pool is 35 000 USD in Bitcoin Vault! Now, thanks to the collaboration with Kinguin, SkillzVault NFTs will reach an even larger audience.

So, what is Kinguin?

Kinguin is a leading global digital gaming marketplace established in 2013 with over 10 million registered users. The platform offers over 50,000 unique assets and quickly became one of the largest and safest alternative marketplaces to Steam, Origin and Epic Store.
Recently, Kinguin decided to open itself up for NFT opportunities. As a consequence, SkillzVault NFTs have joined this fantastic enterprise, as the first NFT partner, enriching the Kinguin portfolio and enabling broader access to NFT trading and collections on one of the most advanced platforms on the market. This collaboration is certainly a real game changer! Kinguin is a very user-friendly platform. It offers a free-to-join affiliate program dedicated to all gaming enthusiasts around the world. After joining this program, a user is supplied with a unique link – a reflink. A reflink can be posted anywhere, including on various forums, social media, during gameplay with friends, and many other places. Anyone using your reflink is redirected to the official Kinguin website, and if they make a purchase, a user gets a commission. Therefore, a gamer not only enjoys the SkillzVault NFTs gaming experience but also the Kinguin platform itself.

The Kinguin and SkillzVault collaboration looks very promising, and it has already generated a lot of attention. For sure, it creates great new opportunities for gamers and users all around the world! Today, September 30th 2021 is the starting date of this fantastic partnership so get ready to jump in to new challenges, and we’ll see you on the Kinguin platform!