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VMint: Bitcoin Vault BTCV Enters the NFT Space

Evolution, put simply, is a series of successful adaptations. If a particular characteristic offers an advantage, it will flourish in its environment. At Bitcoin Vault BTCV, we believe in strengthening the crypto revolution with sustained evolution. We take what works and find ways to make it thrive in the years to come.

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As NFTs prove to be a product for the future, they become a natural pivot for forward-thinking crypto projects worldwide. BTCV is one such project. Building the successful sales generated by minting our first NFTs, BTCV has launched VMint, a new NFT marketplace.  

The Story So Far 

Until recently, BTCV has been minting NFTs on three of the most respected external platforms. During the last 12 months, such ventures have led to notable successes.   

  1. OpenSea 

In 2020, BTCV minted a limited-edition NFT to promote the launch of Wrapped BTCV. Though successful, it was nothing compared to the release of the Let’s Celebrate batch of NFTs.  

  1. AirNFTs  

Keen to promote our partnership with ESE Entertainment, BTCV minted a batch of NFTs for the SkillzVault eGaming talent show in 2020. Unsurprisingly, the tokens have been well received.  

  1. Kinguin  

The 2020 SkillzVault events were so memorable that BTCV decided to mint a limited edition NFT as a keepsake. 

In Mint Condition 

BTCV changed the crypto landscape when it introduced the industry to reversible transactions. The lack of software has not deterred our developers from facilitating this invaluable functionality. They saw a demand for enhanced security and built the ecosystem to make it a reality. Now, BTCV aims to do exactly the same for NFT enthusiasts worldwide.  

VMint is a brand new NFT marketplace for browsing and buying the best pieces of digital artistry in the world. If it’s non-fungible and nontraditional, you’ll find it on VMint. But why stop there? In the very near future, BTCV will use VMint as the proprietary platform for minting exclusive BTCV NFTs. Whether promoting an eGaming event, a new product line, or an anniversary, all BTCV NFTs will soon be launched on VMint.  

VMint’s Mission Statement 

As with our innovations in crypto security, BTCV makes user experience a priority. That means delivering the most useful functionality upgrades with user-friendly interfaces. VMint will do the same for NFT users worldwide. This bold new platform will make it possible to purchase and sell NFTs in a quick and simple way.  

Easy-to-use platforms are important for every demographic. But they are especially important for professionals working in creative fields. Musicians, artists, authors, filmmakers, and game producers are often not familiar with blockchain technology. Moreover, they want to spend their time being creative, not navigating complicated platforms to publish their work. VMint’s focus on simplicity is exactly what they are looking for.  

As a new project in a difficult industry, BTCV knows how hard it can be to get noticed. We want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to make an impression. As such, we will be offering minting services for nominal fees. It will only cost users 20% of commission from the sales of their NFTs. This is a small price to pay for bringing your art to a global audience. 

What Are the Functionalities of the VMint Platform? 

You can think of an NFT marketplace as an e-commerce platform. As such, the core structure of the marketplace is a shopfront. This is the place where users can browse and buy available content. They can also list their own products for sale, making these users merchants.  

But an NFT marketplace offers unique functionalities that include the ability to mint tokens. Though not available in the first iteration, BTCV is working on introducing its own minting process for VMint. This means VMint users will get instant access to BTCV content. The next step will be to open this functionality to the entire BTCV community.  

How to Use VMint? 

The first thing users need to do is download and install MetaMask. This is a crypto wallet application that BTCV has recommended to its users to interact with PancakeSwap. At the moment, the main currency asset is wBTCV. But more wallets and currencies will be supported by VMint in the future. Once you have connected your MataMask wallet and imported some wBTCV, you can start searching and buying the best NFTs without restriction.  

Having purchased an NFT, users will have a couple of options. NFTs can be sold on the open market whenever the owner wishes. But NFT enthusiasts are also interested in hodling (holding) their NFTs. This, of course, is also possible on VMint.  

Why Now? 

A quick look at market activities is very revealing. NFTs are quickly gathering worldwide notoriety. High-profile sales and popularity among celebrities have made NFT an acronym that transcends industries and cultures. But the NFT space is also still fairly undeveloped. With all this in mind, BTCV decided to strike while the iron was hot.  

VMint was created to provide users with a quick and easy way to buy and sell all the best NFTs on the market. It is also the main use case for wBTCV, the main settlement asset moving forward. Last but not least, VMint is the next step in increasing market adoption for BTCV. Some time ago, the team outlined a roadmap for the future. VMint is only the latest of many milestones the team is determined to meet. 

How does VMint compare to other platforms of this type? 

VMint excels in functionality and simplicity. Many marketplaces try to do too much. They overwhelm users with complicated interfaces and unnecessary functionalities. VMint will deliver everything the user needs in a user-friendly fashion.  

VMint will be available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the most popular blockchains in the crypto sphere. As a fast and affordable blockchain, it was the logical choice for BTCV. Moreover, BSC is Ethereum’s biggest competitor. Currently, it holds over USD 18 bln worth of digital assets

What is the order of new solutions planned for VMint? 

At present, users can buy two series of BTCV NFTs: “Reversible Reality” and “Roadmap Milestones”. But very soon, BTCV will introduce another two security-themed batches. Keep an eye out for “Safety Hints Sharing” and “Safety Layers.” 

In terms of functionality, the BTCV team is already working on exciting additions for future iterations. Firstly, users will be able to pay with the native BNB asset and various stable coins. BTCV believes variety is the spice of life, and multiple payment options give users the ability to choose the best option. Secondly, there will also be new types of auctions, such as the Dutch auction. And there are many other developments in the works. But you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what they are. Announcements will be made soon. 

Key Takeaways 

The future of the project depends on adaptation and expansion. VMint is a part of this grand plan. Our new NFTs marketplace is another step forward. And we’re taking you, the BTCV community, with us. 

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