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How to use BTCV

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    A global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange that lists what it deems to be 'qualified and deserving' cryptocurrency projects only.

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    Top 40 exchange according to Coin Market Cap with good market access in Asia.

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    A user-friendly platform with over 600+ trading pairs, ongoing trading competitions, and 24/7 global customer support.

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    The vest Poland based exchange with local currency exchange.

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    A great European exchange with more than 300 assets.


Like fiat money, cryptocurrency is often thought of as being primarily used to purchase goods. But in fact, the very first use case for cryptocurrency was trading. Cryptocurrencies make it possible to speculate for gains and trade on the market. As such, BTCV can be used to capitalize on gaps in the market, just like traditional fiat systems.

BTCV on Crypto Exchanges

To give users every opportunity to grow, Bitcoin Vault endeavors to list BTCV on as many exchanges as possible. But such listings are not indiscriminate. The team behind BTCV screens all potential collaborations with crypto exchanges, examining a number of key factors. The two most important areas of focus when assessing a platform are:


Before deciding to list BTCV on any crypto exchange, Bitcoin Vault assesses the exchange’s overall reputation. If the platform proves to have maintained a high level of credibility on the market, it becomes a candidate for listing BTCV. But first, further investigations into security are necessary.


Bitcoin Vault was conceived as an innovative crypto project that makes enhanced security a priority. As such, a crypto exchange must adhere to the best practices for security and provide users with a safe platform for financial transactions.

Exchanges Currently Listing BTCV

BTCV is currently listed on a wide range of crypto exchanges, all of which meet the criteria for respectable and safe trading activities.

All of these exchanges make it possible for users to trade BTCV for other cryptocurrencies. This is achieved by pairing cryptocurrencies on the market: BTCV and BTC or BTCV and USDT, for example. This kind of currency pairing facilitates many of the same financial practices as traditional fiat systems.

A complete list of all the exchanges currently listing BTCV can be found below.

Trading Information on BTCV

BTCV values transparency and makes every effort to provide users with all the information they need to grow. Market information on Bitcoin Vault can be found on many popular cryptocurrency aggregators, such as CoinMarkeketCap, Coingecko, and Coinpaprika.

For the full list of aggregators, visit

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin Vault provides holders of BTCV with the satisfaction of knowing their funds are safe. Users have access to two custom-built wallets for managing BTCV. Additionally, several third-party wallets with high levels of market credibility are available.