Convert BTCV to wBTCV

Beware of scams!

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What is wBTCV?

  • wBTCV is BEP-20 token which represents BTCV on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
  • wBTCV gives BTCV functionality to interact with smart contracts with low transaction fees.
  • ​BTCV coins can be wrapped to wBTCV on BTCV platform. Your BTCV will be frozen and you get 1:1 wBTCV.
  • wBTCV can be “unwrapped” to BTCV 1:1. Mechanism is easy, your BTCV is unfrozen and wBTCV is burned.
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Why use wBTCV?

  • Greater liquidity to the BTCV community.
  • Opportunity to:
    • trade with low fees (e.g. on PancakeSwap),
    • interact with smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, DeFi (yield farming and lending platforms),
    • possibility to store wBTCV in wallet (e.g. Metamask).
Who can use btcv icon

Who can use wBTCV?

  • Everyone possessing BTCV or wishing to join our community.
  • Anyone looking for a new way to use BTCV coins.
  • ​BTCV enthusiasts who would like to explore world of DeFi.​
  • Traders who look for better liquidity and a wider range of tokens to exchange.

Proof of Assets

Proof of Assets (PoA) is a way to ensure transparency of the system. It shows that BTCV backs wBTCV in a 1:1 ratio. When wBTCV tokens holders exchange them for BTCV, the tokens are burned. The process of minting and burning tokens can be tracked on the blockchain.
wBTCV are minted through a specially created smart contract. The balance of BTCV and wBTCV is the same, you can check it at any time via the smart contract address:

Smart Contract Security Certificate

Issued on
- Jul 09, 2021
Valid till
- Jan 05, 2022