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How to use BTCV

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    Crypto payment and trading tools created for each and every participant of the blockchain industry.


If there is one utility that makes cryptocurrency a viable alternative to fiat money, it is the ability to use cryptocurrency as a payment option for goods and services. As time passes, cryptocurrencies’ level of adoption increases. This is largely due to new infrastructure revolutionizing commerce. This includes payment gateways for merchants both online and in physical stores.

Bitcoin Vault knows that the cryptocurrencies of the future must meet popular demand and provide users with such solutions. As such, BTCV users can now take advantage of a number of popular digital platforms that support payments made with their coin. Here are two of the most well-known:


When it comes to crypto payment gateway providers and payment processing solutions for commerce and services, CoinGate is an industry leader. It offers crypto payment and trading tools created for each and every participant of the blockchain industry. In addition to supporting many other cryptocurrencies, CoinGate now supports BTCV as a payment option. This partnership benefits both merchants and BTCV users worldwide. For merchants, it means those who use CoinGate services can now list BTCV as a payment option. For the BTCV community, a whole new landscape of goods and services can now be explored. In addition to this, BTCV reaches a broader audience and gains even more market exposure.

To learn more about how to get the most out of this partnership, visit

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin Vault is determined to provide users with as many opportunities as possible. It is constantly looking for new partnerships and ventures to enhance user experience. Giving users the ability to purchase goods directly is part of the effort to make BTCV a part of everyday life for users worldwide.